We are three Persian families who came to Britain many years ago to study and work. Having lived in different                       cities, we eventually converged in the beautiful Edinburgh and got to know each other in a Persian community                          event back in 2011.


As time went on, we got closer and saw each other more socially. Our families grew with the addition of children, and we learned more about what we could each bring to the table… This is how PersianCook was born in Spring 2016.


In PersianCook, our main goal is to be a creative social enterprise and showcase the rich Persian culture that manifests itself not just in cuisine but in many other aspects of one's daily life.


Our virtual kitchen is now open to you! Please step in, sample our food, and let us know your thoughts :)

We are three Persian families..... 



What We Do


We provide a wide range of starters, main dishes, desserts and drinks showcasing the Persian cuisine available for online orders or customised catering

Business Coaching

We offer business coaching services for talented and entrepreneurial individuals or businesses who wish to progress in the food and beverage industry with a focus on Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine


Business Networking

We Link individuals interested in cooking, bakery and hospitality to the key providers of these services in Edinburgh and beyond


We list your business in our comprehensive directory of businesses for the Persian community in Scotland available at

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Training Packages

We provide training classes and workshops for those interested in improving their cooking skills - from beginners to professionals


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